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Read on to discover the amazing discoveries of Claude Bristol.

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There’s no doubt: You’ve heard it ALL before.

“Focus on what you want – and watch it manifest in your life.”

Thoughts are things. Ask and you shall receive. Place your order with the Universe.

These are the repeated teachings of The Secret, cosmic ordering, What the Bleep, manifestation, the Law of Attraction, prayer, lucky charms – and more.

But have you ever sensed there’s SOMETHING ELSE going on?

Something that we don't quite understand yet, which makes the results so unpredictable?

What if there was an uber-secret... a secret BEHIND all of the other “secrets”?

A method of enjoying total happiness, abundance, power, wealth and health in YOUR life.

Let me introduce you to a very interesting man: Mr Claude Bristol.

“I had been getting some pretty good results from The Secret and The 11 Forgotten Laws. But the results weren't consistent, and I never understood why. I knew they worked some of the time. This course made it all so clear. Incredible gains since starting, and this has really rocketed my life success. This replaces the Law of Attraction for me, and I'm getting the results I want ALL of the time now.”
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The STORY Behind Claude Bristol’s Long-Lost 1948 Book...
Read How This American Soldier Stumbled Upon Miracles
- And Discovered a Single “Golden Thread” Linking Them!

Claude Bristol was born in 1891.

He served as an American soldier during World War One in both France and Germany. After initial service, he continued as editor for the army newspaper, "Stars and Stripes."

When Bristol returned home, he worked as a police reporter, setup many successful businesses, and later began work as an investigative journalist – working for some of the biggest city newspapers around.

He began to cover some incredible stories - and stumbled upon a "golden thread" linking the most amazing individuals he met. It was this "golden thread" that would ultimately lead to his long-lost 1948 book.

He witnessed sick men miraculously heal in holy waters. He watched roulette gamblers consistently winning fortunes by rubbing a lucky charm. He saw businessmen make stacks of cash, when all the odds were stacked against them – all with total ease. He saw politicians somehow “mind-controlling” others in the room.

Today, we might say these people were manifesting their destiny.

They kept a goal in mind and achieved it.

But did these things happen because “thoughts are things”?

Were they really tapping into “the power of the cosmos”?

Or was something else really going on? Perhaps something less"mumbo-jumbo"?

It was these thoughts which sparked Bristol’s life-long research into everything miraculous: Huge business success; Incredible health cures; Secrets of celebrity & fame.

In his 50’s, he summarized the findings in his ultimate work – about the ultimate secret.

He called it... The Magic of Believing.

Here’s PRECISELY What Bristol Wrote 60+ Years Ago!
Uncover the REAL SECRET Behind the Law of Attraction,
Manifestation, The Secret, Cosmic Ordering - and MORE!

Claude Bristol understood the real secret behind all of these miracles:


Belief changes both yourself and the world around you, that much you already know.

What you expect to happen – very often happens.

With belief, your perceptions shift. The world around you changes. Opportunities can become more apparent.

Think about it: Belief is the real golden thread behind manifesting, cosmic ordering, prayer, the placebo effect, hypnosis, the Law of Attraction – and more.

Sure, the “gurus” re-wrap everything in mystical hype and ritual to sell more copies: the enchanting graphics on The Secret DVD, the “amazing” 10-step self-help system, the lucky talismans.

But, when the smartest people have considered it, they realize that...

Belief is the ULTIMATE SECRET behind it all!

When you REALLY “get” that, you can skip every other system out there – because you’ve uncovered the ultimate source.

Believe and you can really receive.

“This isn't a question, but feedback. When I got your PDF book, I was skeptical. The whole thing about belief made sense, yet how could you GET that belief? I was changed after reading, and the techniques have become a daily thing for me now. I love the course, and you can use this message on your site if you want.”
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How YOU Can Change Your Beliefs?
Learn About the BELIEF SECRETS Bristol Discovered and used to gain
Greater Happiness, Love, MONEY, Success – AND MORE!

Belief is the real secret behind manifestation – and almost every other “key to success” self-help program you’ll ever encounter.

But once you’ve discovered that, you’re left with a question.

Once you realize that your beliefs are controlling your life in such a powerful way – you need to know how to change your beliefs for total success.

How can you master the ULTIMATE SECRET?

If you’ve ever tried to convince yourself of something that just isn’t true, you’ll know how hard it can be. Are you really a millionaire? Confident? Successful? Attractive? The voice of the inner-critic just won’t shut up.

Until it met with Claude Bristol!

Through his research, Bristol uncovered a tiny handful of techniques to change your beliefs at the very source - instantly. Techniques such as the Mirror Technique and Card System, to name just two.

And these techniques produced desirable results in love, happiness, money, success � for thousands of people.

This was Claude Bristol’s real discovery: he not only uncovered the underlying belief secret, but also how to change these beliefs for super-speedy results.

Wouldn’t YOU like to manifest that quickly – in YOUR life?

Unearth the ULTIMATE SECRET Behind Everything Else!
Here Are the Techniques That Bristol Shared Back in 1948 -
Including the EXPERIMENTS he Used PROVE Himself That This All Works!

Imagine uncovering the final “secret” you’ll ever need – ONCE and for ALL!

A handful of simple techniques that you can use to change your underlying beliefs – and bring about seeming miracles and magic in your life.

Well, that’s precisely what Claude Bristol wrote about way back in 1948, in his long-lost book – The Magic of Believing.

This was undoubtedly the pinnacle of his career – and a book that would go on to receive critical acclaim the world over, with thousands achieving amazing results – only to later get lost in the folds of time.

Inside The Magic of Believing, Bristol unearthed powerful information about the belief secret – and how it works.


Why BELIEF is at the heart of almost every “MIRACLE” in the world!
The SCT RESEARCH which shows how beliefs change the world around you (minus all of the New Age mumbo-jumbo!)
PRECISELY how thousands have CHANGED their beliefs – using the Mirror Technique, Card System, and more!
The simple, REAL-WORLD EXPERIMENTS that YOU can perform – to actually st whether your belief is “working properly”
The little-known secrets of PROJECTING your THOUGHTS onto others – to help achieve powerful results with ANYONE, ANYWHERE

This is solid, scientific material – without the excess hype you’ll find everywhere else in the self-development community.

Remember, this was written in 1948 – when times were so much tougher than today. They wouldn’t entertain nonsense.

“I've been 'manifesting' in my life since I was in my 20's, and had some great success too. I'm somewhat older now, and this guide has really been my 'missing link' when it comes to understand how everything has worked. Who needs The Secret when you have The Belief Secret? I recommend this book, and am happy for you to use this as a testimonial.”
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PLUS: Discover HUNDREDS of Miraculous Belief Stories!!
The $5m-a-Year Kid. Amazing Golf Success. Regaining Youth. “First Class Every Time.” The Warts Miracle. AND MORE!

Claude Bristol was once a police reporter.

He collected facts and details in a meticulous manner � and hated sloppy conclusions and illogical testing. He spent months with leaders, celebrities, athletes and hard-working Americans, collecting hundreds of detailed stories of how the "belief secret" had been used � often with very positive results

Inside The Magic of Believing, Bristol documents hundreds of such awesome experiences.

Such as:

The inferior baseball and football teams that went from zero to hero – such as Knute Rockne’s team, after using this simple belief technique
How doctors the world over have been baffled by the “miraculous” healing of warts – simply by applying one particular belief secret
The young investment banker that found his true love – thanks to a simple process which took just five minutes
The Hawaiian “kahunas” that helped people to live through terrible illness, via the power of belief
Golfing pro Gene Sarazen – and how he used a special belief secret to ensure he won each and every game he played
The “belief stories” of both Alexander the Great and Napoleon – which helped instantly secure success in their lives
Bristol’s own story of using a special “belief secret” to secure FIRST CLASS accommodation on every one of his journeys
The “belief miracles” from Lourdes – and the elderly men and women who were suddenly healed from crippling disease
How one of the greatest fisherman in the world used a certain belief trick to catch prize-winning fish, over and over again
The war veteran that “healed” his lower-limb paralysis – and went on to setup his own highly-successful insurance business
The story of a nervous lawyer on the brink of collapse – discovering the belief secret which rocketed his confidence and helped him win almost every case he handled
How a young druggist went from nothing – to the equivalent of over $5m personal income every single year – just by using one of Bristol’s simple techniques
The gardeners which encouraged plants and shrubs to grow exceptionally fast, with a simple little belief trick
How an antique expert used this secret to get out of a frustrating appointment – by getting the other side to cancel (!!)
The stories of women enjoying amazing new looks after using one special belief technique
The story of how “Bob” won investment banking contracts worth tens of thousands – just by applying this simple secret
How Bristol’s students used his techniques to achieve everything they wanted from life: including HUGE fortunes, life-long partners, beach homes, massive business success, fame, and more!

... And this really is just the beginning.

The belief secret works – and has been proven, time and time again.

Would YOU like to discover it, for yourself?

BUT - Unless You Have One of the FEW 1948 Originals –
You’ll Probably NEVER Get a Chance to Read This Classic.

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Forget The Secret, Cosmic Ordering, Law of Attraction.
Here’s How YOU Can Achieve More Love, Abundance,
MONEY, Happiness, Power - With the BELIEF SECRET!

Claude Bristol was WAY AHEAD of his time.

His books talk about computers, genetic engineering, micro-surgery, digital recording, the Space Shuttle and more – way back in 1948.

He was a man of science – and his logical attitude uncovered the ULTIMATE SECRET behind the Law of Attraction, The Secret, cosmic ordering, lucky charms, prayer, What the Bleep – and much more.

He discovered the BELIEF SECRET – and how to use it to manifest ANYTHING, QUICKLY.

HAPPINESS, success, abundance, HARD CASH, your LIFE PARTNER – whatever you want, you can manifest within JUST DAYS.

He developed simple, effective, POWERFUL techniques that beat EVERYTHING ELSE out there. No hype. No nonsense.

You CAN absolutely TURBO-CHARGE your life, QUICKLY – with this book.


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